6 Series MSO

Mixed Signal



Troubleshoot and validate high-speed designs now and into the
future with upgradeable bandwidth that starts at 1 GHz and goes
up to 8 GHz . 
Get accurate measurements with low noise and 25 GS/s sample
rate per channel -- sample rate does not drop as you turn on channels.


Lowest noise at high sensitivity

See signals you couldn't see before.

 - Lowest input noise enabled by new TEK061 front-end ASICs.

 - 12-bit resolution at 4 GHz, and up to 16-bit resolution at 200 MHz                  


Watch 6 reasons to choose the 6 Series MSO

         Performance - Bandwidth / Sample Rate                                                  

         Low Noise / High Resolution

        Delightful User Interface

        Measurements and Analysis

        Flexible Probing

       Upgrades and Extras

Signal fidelity starts with probes

Enter a world of versatility with four FlexChannel® inputs. Browse your circuits with included 1 GHz, 10x probes. Connect high performance single-ended active probes or differential probes, or do both at once with new TriMode probes. Expand your view by connecting a TLP058 probe to any input and get 8 digital channels - up to 32 digital channels.

  • 1 MΩ and 50 Ω input terminations
  • Four 1 GHz low-loading passive probes, included
  • New 4, 6, and 8 GHz TriMode probes

What's in the box?

  • 4 TPP1000 1 GHz, low-C passive probes

  • 1-year warranty on the included probes

  • 3-year warranty on the instrument

  • Mouse, power cord and front cover with attached accessory pouch

  • Printed Installation Manual covers safety and basic operation

  • Comprehensive Integrated Online Help

  • Certificate of traceability

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