Logic Analyzer

Breakthrough Logic Analyzer Solutions for Real-Time Digital Systems Analysis.

With a Tektronix Logic Analyzer, you can acquire fast edges with the industry's highest acquisition speed.
Support packages tuned to your specific application makes it easier for you to probe, acquire, decode,
analyze, and validate the performance of your microprocessor, FPGA or memory design.
Learn more about our portable and modular series of logic analyzers:

The affordable TLA6400 Series Logic Analyzer offers the performance needed to debug, validate, and

optimize the functionality of your digital system. Quickly isolate, identify, and characterize elusive and
hard-to-find problems with a comprehensive set of signal integrity debug tools. Add a broad range of
support for today's applications, and you have the ideal tool to help you meet all of the debug challenges
of today's digital designs.
The modular TLA7000 Series Logic Analyzer provides the speed and flexibility you need to capture
logic detail on today's fastest microprocessors and memory designs. Pinpoint the source of elusive
errors and gain the visibility you want with large easy-to-read displays, fast data throughput, and
time-correlated views of analog and digital signals through the same probe.


  Product Series             Channels             Timing                     Timing Resolution               Max State Clock Rate   
  34 - 136   25 GHz   40 ps   667 MHz

  34 - 680   8 GHz - 50 GHz   20 ps - 125 ps   800 MHz - 1.4 GHz

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